Our Consultants

Youssef Mourra

Director & Principal Consultant
Mobile +64 (0)21 423 620
[email protected]

Youssef is a top of the line P3M (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management) Practitioner, Consultant and Presenter. He has 30 years’ experience in total with the last 15 years in New Zealand. He has led hundreds of consulting engagements ranging from complex project and program rescues, implementations of portfolio management and mobilisation of project offices, through to implementation of project management information systems primarily Microsoft PPM (Project, Project Server and Project Online). His particular area of focus is working with organisations at the ‘C’ level to help develop approaches to identify, prioritise and optimise a portfolio of projects and programmes which assist the organisation to achieve its strategic outcomes.He has been a PRINCE2 Practitioner for the past 18 years and a member of the PMI in NZ for 16 years and has developed a good reputation for thought leadership with the Axelos, APMG & PMI framework offerings.

Duncan Campbell

Director & Principal PPM Consultant
Mobile +64 (0)21 190 9860
[email protected]

Duncan is a qualified Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist in Project Management, with 10 years global experience in implementing Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Online. Duncan worked for one of the world’s largest Project Management specialists, in both the United Kingdom and Australia and for the largest Project Server implementation company in Australasia. He has gained extensive experience international and NZ experience in the Automotive, Finance, Pharmaceutical, Utilities, Primary, Construction, Government and Telecommunications industries.Since returning to NZ he has worked on one of the largest Project Server implementations in NZ, and built the development environment for one of New Zealand’s leading telecommunications companies. He is the Principal PPM Consultant at Nonsuch PPM and ensures that in collaboration with the client, we deliver the optimal solution in a pragmatic and efficient manner.

Jenine Ritchie

Senior PPM Consultant
Mobile +64 (0)21 860 325
[email protected]

Jenine has extensive experience in portfolio and project management alongside business analysis and IT Management. She comes with a proven track record within a wide range of national and international market sector organisations and local government. Jenine is results oriented with the ability to identify problems and potential solutions quickly.

Heather Stallmach

PPM Consultant & Project Manager
Mobile +64 (0)27 620 8008
[email protected]

Heather is an experienced consultant with a strong P3M (project, programme and portfolio management), continuous improvement, training and coaching background. She has worked across multiple sectors including finance, local government, iwi organisations, health, science and agriculture. She has a background in business improvement (Six Sigma & Lean) but has more recently been focused in the P3M space, helping clients implement and embed frameworks and methodologies. She has used her extensive training development and delivery skills to help these clients train staff on the new and improved processes and systems. Heather has a flair for continuous improvement and is always looking for ways to improve business processes, services & communication with clients to achieve better outcomes. Her attention to detail and organisational skills ensure her teams and customers know what needs to happen and when, and her calm and unflappable nature means that if things do go wrong, they are fixed with the minimum of fuss.

Our Support Crew

Kirsten is responsible for our overall sales and marketing approach. She ensures the content on our social media sites (the website, our Facebook page and our LinkedIn presence) provide our clients and online visitors with the information they need to better understand what Nonsuch PPM does. Kirsten also works closely with Microsoft and the Microsoft Partner network to ensure that Nonsuch PPM continues to promote and support Microsoft PPM throughout NZ in the strongest possible way.

Amber handles our inbound and outbound sales activity. Amber is responsible for ensuring that Nonsuch PPM directly provides sales demonstrations, sales collateral and any other resources required to assist new and existing customers. Amber works closely with Kirsten to ensure that our collateral and online content meets the requirements of our customers and our strategic partners.

Kirsty runs Nonsuch PPM from an administrative point of view and ensures Nonsuch PPM remains ‘ship shape’. Kirsty ensures our bills are paid on time and all our commitments are honoured. Kirsty takes the lead on all our internal continuous improvements to our systems, processes, approaches and ensures that all our team has the best possible tools and support they need to be successful.
Kirsty project manages all of Nonsuch PPM’s events and gets support from the whole team to ensure they are successful.

Janene directly supports Youssef and Duncan and ensures they meet all their commitments and obligations to each other and to the Nonsuch PPM team. She helps organise their travel, their diaries and keeps Nonsuch PPM running smoothly with no hiccups.